27 Sep


Donny Boyd is an Island boy being born and raised in Nanaimo, B.C. Canada who has enjoyed playing guitar and song writing from a young age and more recently enjoys promoting artists.

This year, 2014, will mark his 4th, year as Director of Main Stage for the Vancouver Island Exhibition bringing in bands to entertain at the fair, and second year as the Exhibition’s President. They opened up for Grapes of Wrath, Prism, and Chilliwack.

Don has worked with many Artists such as: Default, Blackie & The Rodeo Kings, Odds, Kenny Shields and Street Heart, Prism, Chilliwack, Grapes of Wrath, Aaron Lines, Aaron Pritchett, Robyn& Ryleigh, Dallas Smith, The Legendary Platters, Dark Horse, One More Girl, David Gogo, The Trews, Amy Helm, Matt Anderson, Current Swell, and Allen Frew, to name a few.

This year also marks the release of his first CD entitled “Watch The Pretty Flowers” which happened on the Main Stage at the Vancouver Island Exhibition August 16th, 2014

The song “The Doctor” has been getting air time on the radio station 106.9FM The Wolf with compliments on the album by Mike Lang

The Band is “Donny Boyd and Fine Company.” The album consists of 12 songs written by Donny, Produced by Theo Massop and Engineered by Wayne Veillet at Wayon Sound. Executive Producer was Don Boyd. “Very Talented artists put their hearts into this project. I am very thankful.”

Donny Boyd and Fine Company includes:

Donny Boyd
• Glen Foster of The Glen Foster Group
Al Harlow of Prism
• Darryl Marklinger
• Theo Massop of Boodaboom (Producer of the Album)
• Glen Olsen of The Glen Foster Group
• Nico Rhodes
• Tristan Savage
• Bobbi Schram
• Wayne Veillet of Little Head (Engineer and Owner of Wayon Sound).